UMass Cybersecurity Club


Welcome to the official page of the UMass Cybersecurity Club. See more about the club and who we are in About.

Why Cybersecurity?

You may ask yourself, why is Cybersecurity important? As a society, we are increasingly dependent on technology, with personal information such as credit card numbers and social security details being transmitted and stored online. Cybersecurity is the field that focuses on securing hardware, software, and protocols to safeguard valuable data and systems from compromise.

Although many applications may appear secure at first glance, that is not always the case. According to the CISA, "47% of American adults have had their personal information exposed by cybercriminals," and "1 in 3 homes with computers are infected with malicious software." These statistics highlight the integral role of Cybersecurity, not only for experts but for everyone involved in technology development, testing, or interaction.

Meetings, Workshops, Talks, and Competitions

This club has no weekly meetings. However, we host a multitude of events through each semester. We host workshops and talks held by industry professionals and esteemed faculty. We also compete in national security competitions, and run our own competitions all with the goal to promote the understanding of security topics. All of our events will be listed our official Discord server, which is linked below if you'd like to join, social media, and our Events tab.